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Our next research project, Remediating Urban Soils for Food Production, is currently part of a crowdfunding campaign on Microryza. Designed by Drs. Britt Burton-Freeman and Indika Edirisinghe of the Center for Nutrition Research at the Illinois Institute of Technology and led by Dr. Pierre Jacinthe of the Indiana University/Purdue University of Indianapolis (IUPUI), this research will address a basic concern of urban agriculture, how to grow food in formerly industrial urban environments.

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Innovation, both in the ways that Greenleaf Communities thinks and the ways we operate, has always been the key to our success. By addressing human health concerns at a level that few others have considered, their fundamental environmental influences, we stand to provide tangible benefits to all of society. Our leadership in and support of sound scientific research explicitly to influence policy joins roles that are too often separated, and therefore less effective.

Now, Greenleaf Communities is opening is doors to all those who would like to play a direct role in helping us create a healthier planet for all by making use of another innovation. Our partnership with Microryza, a crowdfunding site dedicated to making financing of scientific research open and accessible to the public, makes that participation easier. If you’re not familiar with the model, crowdfunding allows organizations to introduce large numbers of individuals to a project or concept that needs funding to move forward and letting those users support the projects that resonate most with them.