river-300x225Program Priorities

Our programs focus on addressing the environmental sources of human health concerns. Therefore, the research we support investigates the most basic and important natural resources we have: the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soils which provide the food we eat. Going to the source and preventing the problem from occurring, rather than only treating its symptoms, will yield far greater dividends for society and the planet as a whole.

Our Priorities

LeafIconHealthy Soils

Improving agricultural management practices to improve soil health, reduce nutrient runoff into area waterways,  conserve water, and increase crop yields and quality. We collaborate with industry, research centers, agencies and environmental organizations to advance multidisciplinary and whole system management practices for the agricultural lands that impact our nation’s waters.


Healthy Soils for Healthy Waters Initiative

From the Ground Up


Healthy Air

We investigate health effects from air pollution associated with industrial and domestic biomass burners in the northern climes to inform best practices necessary to reduce respiratory and other illnesses.

WaterIconHealthy Water

In addition to addressing water quality and conservation through land management, we also work with innovative technology companies, industry and research centers, with a special interest in the water-energy nexus.